Turbine Technology

Due to Vikings geographical location of our Danish facility and our know-how and capabilities in the field of wind energy, we have designed and developed a variety of products for the wind turbine industry.

VIKING Wind Mill Wing Blader Gripper For Sub Zero Climates
Blade Gripper
Wind turbine blade gripper for assisting assembly in sub zero climates.
VIKING Yaw Drive Unit
Yaw Drive Unit

A solution for the yaw motion of the nacelle. The design combines a friction bearing with active brakes and possibility for integrated propulsion.

The project was initiated by VIKING and is now taken over by Svendborg Brakes in cooperation with Højteknologifonden, DTU and Kirkholm Maskiningeniører A/S.

VIKING Wet Brake System
Wet Brake Systems

The projects objective was to develop a brake for larger wind turbines, with the ability to dissipate the heat generated from the braking of the turbine into a fluid reservoir.

The project was conducted under the management of Svendborg Brakes.

VIKING Brake Test Stand
Brake Test Stand

As part of the Wet Brake Project, a large scale Test Stand was designed and built. The Test Stand has a 12 ton fly-wheel rotating at maximum 750 RPM, emulating the rotational energy of a 3MW wind turbine. The Test Stand is flexible and used in a variety of testing applications.