VIKING CNC has developed the know-how for several patents within the field of wind energy, grinding machines, robotics and precision tool holders. Some of our patents are still in the stage of development and therefore not shown here.

Patents & Inovation

Hydraulic Chuck Loading Device, all rights reserved VIKING CNC.

VIKING Hydro Chuck Loading Device

Loading a tool shank into a hydro-chuck presents a problem of keeping the axis of the tool and chuck perfectly aligned. The alignment is necessary to prevent jamming of the tool in the first few millimeters of entering the chuck.

VIKING has developed a fail-proof solution working with any shank diameter and length. The solution is presently working at a customer site, installed on a VIKING US-250 machine with robot cassette loader. 

The solution can be retrofitted at low cost to any existing grinding machine. For integration into new machines, the design can be integrated to the point where it will not require more space than the existing system.

The solution can be viewed on the above video.

For more details, please contact us.

Patent pending - for more details, please contact us.

Patent pending - for more details, please contact us.

Hydraulic Braking Power Unit for Wind Turbine Yaw Drives

The solution entails a hydraulic manifold distributing an equal volume and pressure to individual brake units, Powered only by pressure differentials.

Fixed Wheel Dressing Device

The Fixed Wheel Dresser (FWD) provides a solution for contour profiling or dressing of grinding wheels using a fixed rotary diamond tool placed over the wheel. The fixed position over the wheel is made possible by the invention of a new axis configuration.


 With the new axis configuration, it is ALWAYS possible to dress the wheel before, during and after the grinding cycle by moving ONLY two axes and these two axes are THE SAME as the axes used for grinding the tool.

The FWD requires no additional CNC axis and allows for the shortest possible machine movement with the least time spent on dressing.

VIKING Disc Loader

Very fast loading system. Index time between tools under 3 seconds. Taps or round shank tools are loaded into the disk outside the machine. It takes only seconds to exchange the disk with up to 100 tools.

Due to the sensitive nature of the development phase, we have chosen to hide the details of the photos.