Viking has worked with many companies in diversified industries, providing solutions to problems with their product or production. We have in house design capabilities and a team of greatly talented technicians all of whom are specialists in their field.

See below some of our projects.

VIKING Surgical Bone Drill Production
Surgical Bone Drill Production

To design a 5-Station, 38-Axis, Modular Transfer Grinder (the Viking VTG-5), to produce surgical bone drills in batches of 120 tools per cassette, with a cycle time of 30-40 seconds including edge preparation, grinding of the end coupling, and size-control check measurement; processes which are almost impossible to incorporate into a conventional machine. Project conducted for Synthes,  Johnson & Johnson

Bilge Water Filtration System

Filtration system for treatment of bilge water to meet the criteria of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) with a specified oil contamination of less than 15 ppm.

The project was conducted for DMA Sorption and in coorperation with German
Automation GmbH.

Robot for Tool Loading

A robotic tool loader, Designed and manufactured by VIKING CNC, for YG-1 Korea, to be used on their VIKING machines.

Indexable Carbide Inserts

Development of tooling and production of a wide range of external catrbide inserts specifically designed for small parts machining.

This production was developed by VIKING CNC for WhizCut AB and later moved to Asia where VIKING CNC was responsable for extensive training and implementation of the production faculity.

Thai Production Facility

VIKING CNC moved the production of precision carbide inserts to Saraburi Thailand and the entire production set-up was later taken over by WhizCut of Asia Ltd.

The project included machine transportation and installation, along with operator training and development of user friendly software for foreign users.

Viking also has experience with pruduction set-up in China, Japan and Korea.

Project conducted in cooperation with Saraburi Tools & Supply Ltd.

Thread Milling Cutters

Development of software and fixturing for production of indexable milling inserts and thread milling cutters for SMICUT AB.

VIKING built up the production facility, which was later sold to SMICUT Danmark Aps.

Blade Gripper
Wind turbine blade gripper for assisting assembly in sub zero climates.
Yaw Drive Unit

A solution for the yaw motion of the nacelle. The design combines a friction bearing with active brakes and possibility for integrated propulsion.

The project was initiated by VIKING and is now taken over by Svendborg Brakes in cooperation with Højteknologifonden, DTU and Kirkholm Maskiningeniører A/S.

Wet Brake Systems

The projects objective was to develop a brake for larger wind turbines, with the ability to dissipate the heat generated from the braking of the turbine into a fluid reservoir.

The project was conducted under the management of Svendborg Brakes.

Brake Test Stand

As part of the Wet Brake Project, a large scale Test Stand was designed and built. The Test Stand has a 12 ton fly-wheel rotating at maximum 750 RPM, emulating the rotational energy of a 3MW wind turbine.The Test Stand is flexible and used in a variety of testing applications.